Still Feeling a Bit Off

I thought I was doing better, but after shooting the wedding and concert on Saturday, I’ve just been exhausted and not well. I’m still going to post photos from Saturday, but there are a lot to go through yet – never mind my work on the history of Paris that needs to be ready pretty much now. So, for the time being, I’m suspending the daily photos until I’m caught up on the other projects. I will post some work here and there; just not daily. When I’m ready to get back on the daily posts, I’ll make an announcement to that effect. I hope no one is too dismayed. But, have no fear! They will indeed return!

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  1. Elizabeteth Ireland Egel says:

    You neeeeeeeeed Nutella! Lots of Nutella makes everything better! Nutella smeared on top of pain au chocolat! That’s what you need! Washed down with warm Nutella soup.

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