Help Make the World Tolerable

I was reading someone’s blog (the link doesn’t work anymore) about the poor state of affairs for independent authors and got to thinking …

I’ve noticed the trend to trample the creative, during the last few years especially. As a child of the ’80s, I can only imagine what the artistic climate truly was in earlier decades, but it did seem that, of all times in history, the 20th century was the most kind to artists. I would imagine it had something to do with the prevalence of low cost distribution and the stronger establishment of the middle class (excluding the depression era). Now that production and distribution costs have sunk even further and the middle class is dissolving, many real and strong creatives are being forced to set aside their work, in some cases completely, just to survive.

Imagine your world without great music.
Imagine your world without great literature.
Imagine your world without great movies.
Imagine your world without great plays.
Imagine your world without great photographs.
Imagine your world without great paintings …
… or, any of the other creative endeavors that enrich your life.

It’s better to have quality than quantity and by investing in the best you can afford, in any artistic discipline, you are helping to preserve your own quality of life. You may have the latest iPod, but if you haven’t any good music to put on it, what’s the point?

Support artists. It helps make the world tolerable.

*Disclaimer: Yes, I realize this can come across as self-serving, but it’s more about the arts as a whole than just photography or just my photography.

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