Josh and Shelly’s Wedding

I’m exhausted.  Whew … Now, that’s out of the way, it was a great day.  Josh and Shelly are a fun couple I first met several months back when we found each other through the marvel of the internet and today I got to photograph their wedding.  Before yesterday, I’d never even set foot in Tippecanoe Place, which was formerly the Studebaker family’s mansion in South Bend, but as soon as I started roaming room to room, I knew I would be in for a treat.  It did not disappoint.

I’ve barely had a chance to import the digital files and haven’t even prepped chems to develop the black and white film that I shot with my fellow photographer and longtime friend, Eric, but I thought I’d put out a couple of images that I happened to notice while doing the import and backup.  These are the straight, un-edited versions, so odds are they’ll change, even slightly, when I get to the editing during this coming week.

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