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On Winter

Cold settles in like a carnival, the winter wonderland presenting itself as pockets of entertainment, pockets of intimacy, pockets of warmth, and fully of the oft odd carney. Today is not so cold as to elicit daggers of ice, not … Continue reading

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Paradise Paved. Maybe.

To state the obvious, loss is experienced in different degrees and contexts all through life. Some losses are brought about by our own actions (and, really, there is no such thing as inaction as inaction is a chosen action of … Continue reading

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The kingdom of heaven is like … Christmas?

As we have, in the United States, just passed through this Thanksgiving holiday and enter fully, albeit a bit hurriedly, into the Christmas season, I have been thinking a great deal about the idea of heavenly home, earthly home, treasures … Continue reading

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Sacred and Secular Musings

As an artist who is a Christian, I have neither the desire nor ability to separate my art and my faith, despite the potential for negative responses from within the art community if I, in their estimation, venture too far … Continue reading

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#TBT on Instagram

I’m a little bit anti-acronyms as they relate to social media posts, but it happens to be Thursday and I happen to be putting some older stuff on Instagram. I finally broke down several months ago and started posting a … Continue reading

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