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Bear With Me

My site has, by and large, been sorely neglected for the past while, which is fairly evident by the lack of recent posts and whatnot. I’m transitioning back to a more modest layout, so I apologize if you have any … Continue reading

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Help Make the World Tolerable

I was reading someone’s blog (the link doesn’t work anymore) about the poor state of affairs for independent authors and got to thinking … I’ve noticed the trend to trample the creative, during the last few years especially. As a child of … Continue reading

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Anthotype Sandwiched Positive Diptychs

This is my diptych set of anthotype (basically organic matter used as emulsion – in this case, a lovely pinot noir on watercolor paper) prints. Each print contains two images – one from Afghanistan and one from Yad Vashem, the … Continue reading

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Do Yourself a Favor

It seems counterintuitive in our culture to pay more for something than the cheapest price we can find, but there are certain cases when doing just that is what will give you the best odds in the long run. Discount … Continue reading

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Photography Rates Demystified

As a freelancer, I get a lot of inquiries about my rates for specific projects and, often, people have no basis for comparison or any idea what to expect.  I wanted to create a post to help people make some … Continue reading

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