Good friends can be hard to come by

In my last days in Grand Rapids a couple of months ago, I hung out with a friend of mine and took some photos. When I’m one-on-one with a person like that, photographing them, for some reason, there is the opportunity for more openness, more closeness. For all that I knew about her, I learned even more that day.

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Bear With Me

My site has, by and large, been sorely neglected for the past while, which is fairly evident by the lack of recent posts and whatnot. I’m transitioning back to a more modest layout, so I apologize if you have any issues accessing content or navigating the site in the interim. When I’m through with the transition, I’m going to be working to add more writing, update photo content, maybe some new video work, etc. I need to rebuild all the galleries, change some blog formatting, find and fix broken links, etc. It will be a bit of a process, so, please, bear with me.

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Nick and Steph

Today, I got to brave the terrible road conditions and persistent snow to come up to Grand Rapids for a short notice engagement session.  This was my first time meeting Steph, but I’ve known Nick for about two and a half years as the brother of a YWAM Paris cohort.  They’re warm climate people, so doing an outdoor session in the snow was, well, maybe a bit odd, but it was a good time and we got some great photos.  The two of them are really great together.  I enjoyed getting to see the balance of their personalities play out a bit through the course of the few hours we were together and now I get to look forward to shooting their wedding in November – I’m excited, and not just because it’s in the Florida Keys.

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Josh and Shelly’s Wedding

I’m exhausted.  Whew … Now, that’s out of the way, it was a great day.  Josh and Shelly are a fun couple I first met several months back when we found each other through the marvel of the internet and today I got to photograph their wedding.  Before yesterday, I’d never even set foot in Tippecanoe Place, which was formerly the Studebaker family’s mansion in South Bend, but as soon as I started roaming room to room, I knew I would be in for a treat.  It did not disappoint.

I’ve barely had a chance to import the digital files and haven’t even prepped chems to develop the black and white film that I shot with my fellow photographer and longtime friend, Eric, but I thought I’d put out a couple of images that I happened to notice while doing the import and backup.  These are the straight, un-edited versions, so odds are they’ll change, even slightly, when I get to the editing during this coming week.

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Film: It’s the Good Stuff

I love film for a lot of reasons.  For starters, relatively speaking, it’s cheap – especially these days.  Just some weeks ago, I was able to pick up my third Nikon F100 (the first two, I mostly regret selling now, but did so because I was short-sighted about digital … it ended up working out in my favor though, as I sold the first one for $700, which is roughly double what I paid for it, the second one for $250, which I sold to a friend for what I had into it, and now picked this one up for about $100 less than it’s current value since it has the vert grip for just $100).

With a $20 camera, an inexpensive lens – say a 50mm f/1.8 at $80-120 for an autofocus version, and a roll of professional b&w film or a roll of professional slide film, you could start creating better quality photographs than you could get from spending even up to several thousand dollars on a digital body.  I’ll qualify that though …

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