Self-Study Through Mordançage

This series was created as the final for an Alternative Process course I took in 2011. Through the work, I was exploring some of the dark depression I was struggling to survive that autumn as well as attempting to reflect upon that which brings me even a small measure of joy, even if it wasn’t doing so in that present time. The images were created with my Graflex 4×5 camera, printed on Ilford fibre based glossy paper, and treated with my customized mordançage process. A large part of my choosing to employ mordançage is the sort of uncontrollable element. No single image will ever finish exactly the same way in multiple prints even, so it required an element of allowing for the unpredictable to occur. Several of the images were printed from the same negative with identical enlargement settings and development, yet took on a completely different look in the finished print, such as the five images of the night sky.

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